Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spencer Road...famous The Band photograph site.

Famed '69 Woodstock Festival, The Band & Bob Dylan photographer Elliott Landy took a wonderful late '60's photo of The Band for its Music from Big Pink album photo shoot on this deadend road off from Ohayo Mt Rd. Spencer Road has been listed in the past as being in Bearsville / Woodstock, but technically it's located in Glenford (just south of Woodstock). The famous Civil War-era style photograph of the five Band members in black & white by Landy was shot on this road. Gorgeous views of the amazing Ashokan Reservoir.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Plochmann...
Do you know where exactly the famous Band photo was taken at on this road?? I would love to visit the site, if it would be possible.
I was looking at the photo on the sleeve in the "Music From Big Pink" CD, and it is a great picture with some mountain peaks in the background.
If you could, please let me know the location.