Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 23rd, a night to remember in Helmland.

Here are a number of our highlights we took away from the night, aside from the crazy live performances:

1. Spoke w/ & shook hands w/ Larry Campbell.
2. Spoke w/ Ollabelle's Tony Leone who we also spoke w/ back in July when we saw Ollabelle perform in Veteran's Park Manchester, NH.
3. Spoke w/ & shook hands w/ Billy Bob Thornton - one of our fav actors & now music performers.
4. Spoke w/ & shook hands w/ Little Sammy Davis.
5. Met the entire Greezy Wheels & The Boxmasters members. One Boxmaster is from Brattleboro, VT, about 1 hr from our residence.
6. Shook hands & spoke in length w/ Amy Helm about family & performances. What a great lady. We also saw she w/ Jay Collins & their baby @ Saugerties' Red Onion - beautiful young family.
7. Spent time w/ Muddy Helm, Levon's wonderful dog & now boyfriend to our Weimaraner Lula Mae.
8. Said hello to Theresa Campbell.
9. .....and our all-time highlight was shaking hands & briefly speaking w/ Levon - didn't really want to wash our hands afterwards.

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John & Dawn said...

08/23 - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have attended a few before this one. Greezy Wheels got it kicking and it never stopped. I really enjoyed the fiddle duel with Larry. The 5 burning hours of constant energy sent my blood pressure up. Billy Bob Thorton is a great actor but it's easy to see that his true passion is in performing music. LEVON was the best I've ever seen him, including Beacon Theater. His vocals were perfect and at times haunting. God has surely watched over him after all he's been through. His band was outrageous and I especially loved seeing Howard Johnson and the horn section. So as you can see we thoroughly enjoyed this one as well as everyone in the barn (witnessed by all the standing ovations throughout the evening).. My wife and I couldn't stop talking about it. I still have the smile, on my face, that I wore all night long. So thank you all for a treasured evening and may God continue to pour his blessings on Levon.