Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Motherland" as Butchie Dener calls it.

Remembering a piece of history - Shadden's BBQ in Marvell, Arkansas.

Butchie Dener recently snapped this pic of his old friend's (Levon Helm) regular haunt.  Sadly, it closed following the owner's passing in recent yrs. 

Terry Cagle (Levon Helm's nephew) joins the Cate Bros. during the King Biscuit Blues Fest.

Thanks to Butchie Dener who snapped this pic from the VIP section.

Butchie Dener keeps "Miss Anna Lee company" while listening to the Chris O'Leary Band during the King Biscuit Blues Fest.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Levon Helm & Rick Danko (The Band) meet w/ legendary "Diamond Teeth Mary".

Levon Helm & Rick Danko meeting w/ the legendary "Diamond Teeth Mary", the inspiration behind THE BAND lyrics "Miss Brer Foxhole who's got diamonds in her teeth" from the song "W.S. Walcott Medicine Show".
Levon's description of her:

"Our...favorite act was 'The Lady with the Million Dollar Smile,' F. S. Walcott's big featured singer, who'd come on in the third quarter of the show. She was an armful. She wore bright dresses and had all her teeth filled with diamonds! She sang on all those real get-down songs like 'Shake a Hand'."

Thanks to Butch Dener for the pic.

Levon Helm, Randy Ciarlante & Jim Weider post gig.

Thanks to '90's The Band road / tour manager Butch Dener for this classic shot of respectful brothers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Feat's Bill Payne played on The Band's Richard Manuel's Steinway piano for the recording of the Feat's latest album "Rooster Rag".


Thanks to Butchie Dener for this link!

Garth Hudson remembers his last Midnight Ramble w/ Levon Helm.

Thanks to Adam Betley for updating his Garth Hudson article w/ Garth's memories from his last Ramble w/ Levon Helm:

"I recall my last Ramble with Levon. I accepted an invitation to guest with Jimmy Vivino who had put together a nice tribut...e to the voices Rick and Richard. My wife said she believes he hears them singing in his head and heart. Jimmy is very good on piano and vocals. He, Byron Isaacs, and Tony Leone were doing unusual Band songs that they don't do with the rest of the group. I played Jimmy's set before Levon and his band came on for one of his last Rambles (January 21). That's where I last saw Levon in action and he looked fine. I remember Howard Johnson coming up to him in the back room, in the kitchen. Howard said 'You were strong tonight'. And then Levon said 'Ohhhh thank you!' I sat at the round oak table for the last time and listened to one of the greatest story tellers I have heard.

I hope Levon's barn will survive for the legacies. It will take well-known artists to continue performing at the barn in the spirit of Levon to actually save the barn and turn it into a national music treasure. It is a fantastic cathedral-ceilinged, wood-pegged recording studio big enough for an orchestra.

I miss Richard, Rick, and Levon. They walk these hills."

Levon Helm by David McClister.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Great Conner Kennedy Band (w/ guest musicians) Allman Bros. tribute gig @ Bearsville Theater on Halloween.

The Band

Steve Bernstein & Erik Lawrence (both of The Levon Helm Band) & MTO perform instrumental rendition of The Band's "Jemimah Surrender".

Steve Bernstein & Erik Lawrence (both of The Levon Helm Band) w/ the MTO performing an instrumental rendition of THE BAND's "Jemimah Surrender" in NY a few nights ago. Steve remarks @ the beginning of this footage (shot by frmr The Band road mgr Butchie Dener) that Levon Helm would have piped up w/ "But where's the melody?". Steve & Erik are true leaders of Levon's legacy.


Thank you, Butchie!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chris Vitarello, Randy "Rando" Ciarlante & Jeremy Baum @ Brian's Backyard BBQ (June 2012 by Butchie Dener).

Bob Dylan, Sally Grossman & Levon Helm (NY's Lone Star Cafe on 02/16/1983) - photo by Frank Ahart.

Randy Ciarlante takes the vocal lead on The Band's "Ophelia" in tribute to his old backbeat mate Levon Helm.


Video thanks to Butchie "The Don" Dener.

Jim Weider, Garth Hudson & band members (Iridium Jazz Club June 22, 2012).

Jim Weider (Iridium Jazz Club June 22, 2012)

Garth Hudson (Iridium Jazz Club June 22, 2012)

Levon Helm's Woodstock, NY gravesite.

From Jan Hoiberg (webmaster of The Band website) during his June 2012 visit from Norway to Woodstock, NY:

"Just as we laid down this rose Muddy turned up at his master´s grave with the guy who rebuilt the Barn. A moment to remember. Afterwards we went up to the Buddhist monastery on Overlook Mountain, lighting a candle for Levon and reading some of the memorial cards from family and friends in the shrine."

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