Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Band tribute band to open for Richie Havens July 4th.

From The The Band Band's online newsletter:

The THE BAND Band has been lauded by critics as being "as close as it gets to the real thing," performing timeless classics such as "The Weight", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", “Up On Cripple Creek”, and many others from The Band's legendary repertoire.

4th of July/Woodstock CelebrationJuly 4th, 6:00 PM

Finch ParkRamsey, NJ
(opening for Richie Havens)


Come on out and catch the show!

The Organiks' upcoming live dates.

An amazing live band w/ a wealth of talent: Randy Carliante (also frmrly w/ the reunited The Band), Jay Collins (Levon Helm's son-in-law), Bruce Katz (also joins both Chris Bergson & Alexis P. Suter) & Chris Vitarello. Check 'em out or we'll have to sic Butch Dener on ya!

Two extra songs on the iTunes version of Levon Helm's new "Electric Dirt" album.

That's Alright & Ashes of Love are included on the iTunes version of Electric Dirt per Jan Hoiberg's The Band website under the What's New tab. Levon Helm & his band have performed both tunes live fairly recently.

Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck @ this wkd's "Tweed River Festival" in VT.

Upcoming Ollabelle live dates.

One link to a plethora of Levon Helm "Electric Dirt" reviews.

Thanks to Jan Hoiberg's What's New tab on his amazing The Band website, here a link to the number of reviews about Levon Helm's new Electric Dirt album in stores today:

The Cold Goodnight live performance this Thursday.

Thursday, July 2nd @ Cambridge, MA's All Asia.

We just picked up Dr. John live performance tix!

We'll be catching Dr. John live for the 1st time this coming August in VT. He is definitely a unique artist w/ strong Levon Helm & The Band ties & we are truly looking forward to seeing him. It will be Such A Night!

Happy b'day Hal Lindes!

The Dire Straits member turnes 56 today.

Levon Helm interviewed by John Donabie.

Little Sammy Davis, Jr. two-part "youtube.com" doc.

Levon Helm's "Electric Dirt" album in stores today.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy b'day John Cusack!

John turned 43 yesterday. He starred as the record store owner in the film High Fidelity, which was partially shot @ one of our favorite record stores Vintage Vinyl located in Evanston, IL.

Happy b'day Dave Knights!

The Procol Harum bassist turned 64 yesterday.

NY radio station to feature Levon Helm music all day tomorrow.

Thanks goes out to reader & reliable contributor Rick S. of NY:

Hi Mike,
I wrote to you previously about Randy Ciarlante appearing at the High Falls Cafe in Ulster Co.
Levon Helm's music is being featured all day on WFUV (90.7 FM, Fordham U. Radio- Bronx, New York City) on Tuesday June 30th between 6 AM and 9 PM. This includes his music with and without The Band. This is in celebration of his new release, "Electric Dirt", on Tuesday.

WFUV has a live stream-
www.wfuv.org (go to home page and at top click "Listen Live").

Thanks for the Plochmann Blog, happy anniversary!

Rick S.
Suffern, NY
(Rockland Co.)

Second Todd Rundgren September '09 show added.

Thanks to our reliable reader & contributer Bob Andrews of MI for the heads up regarding a second Todd Rundgren live performance (September 7, 2009) in Akron, OH of his '73 album A Wizard, A True Star in its entirety. Check out this cool blog link dedicated to Todd:

Levon Helm's band helps him through bout w/ laryngitis during recent live performance.

Review straight from former The Band road mgr & Levon Helm friend Butch Dener who rarely ever misses a Midnight Ramble:

Last night, Levon's laryngitis, which he 1st picked up after a cold night @ Red Rocks,, & he couldnt sing a note in Arkansas,, although Terry Cagle ( L.H.'s nephew ) & The Cate Brothers augmented Larry, & Brian & the wimmins' singing,,,was still aproblem, in Woodstock.Levon's stellar band stepped up like the professionals they are & with Brian Mitchell doing triple duty on vocals,, & Larry, Teresa & Amy also just nailing every tune in sight,, Mine & Barrie's highlights were an incredible, amazing, incredible ATTICS OF MY LIFE !!!,, words fail @ the celestial beauty of this tune in Larry's capable hands, with Amy & Teresa soaring over & over again.Also, Teresa & Amy did It makes No Difference like i've never heard it before. Larry in the third harmony part in such a Danko-ish way,, i was crying from it's beauty ! WOWOWOW!!!!! seriously folks,, there was some serious love, respect & tribute paid last night to The Band's legacy of harmonies.Jim Weider & Erik Lawrence did the sax/guitar intertwinning with Brian's accordian sooooo THERE !!! Breathless was the entire Barn.Chris O' Leary ( BarnBurners ) & his tight band of Sicilian Frankie Ingrao on bass, the true Ayatollah Rock&Roller bluescat,, & the always amazing Chris Vitarello on scorching blues gitar & Bruce Katz on Organ & blues piano fantastically, Chris had two sax players also, brilliant additions & he did all those BarnBurner tunes i loved,,, Water's Rising,, Heyyyyyyyy Mr Porter, some Muddy tunes, Mystery Train, his USMC tribute Dress Blues ( Chris was a SGT in the USMC during Desert Shield ),,BIG FUN for me & the other Barnburner fans, there,,but,the amazing Levon Helm Band's performance, after all those weeks out on the road,, was the HARMONY-FILLED Healer i knew it would be,,,Many amazing moments,, Jim Weider & Larry on Remedy with LH slamming the skins behind 'em & in front of 'em,,,Chest Fever's guitar duel,,, Tele to Tele,,, toe to toe,,,Deep Elum with those HORNZHORNZHORNZ !Every note AMY sang,,, Every Note Teresa sang,, & all of Brian's amazing prowess,, even on a Bobby Charles classic tune, too,,Caaaan't wait for next week's July 4th gig,, with the return of Jimmy Vivino,,, yeeeehaaaa,,