Monday, October 6, 2008

New Myspace-related artists links.

Please check out our updated artists links, especially in The Band & Bob Dylan links, for various Myspace pages. Often times artist's Myspace pages are updated sooner than their actual websites & sometimes the artists monitor their own Myspace pages & respond directly to your messages sent to them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jay Collins & the Kings County Band autographed album.

Oregon-native Jay Collins & his Kings County Band album The Songbird & The Pigeon is a wonderful album (autographed by Jay) filled w/ his talented & gruffy jazz / blues voice & horn playing. Jay married Levon Helm's daughter Amy, recently had a child (Levon) & performs w/ Levon & @ least four other bands - Allman Bros., The Chris Bergson Band, The Organiks & The Jay Collins Band. Both Levon & Amy assist Jay w/ this album, which was recorded in Levon's barn & @ Audiopaint in NYC. Jay is also featured in Alexis P. Suter's Live @ the Midnight Ramble album / dvd combo.

R.I.P. Kingston Trio's Nick Reynolds.

Reynolds (75), one of the Trio's founding members that paved the way in the folk scene for the likes of Bob Dylan & Joan Baez, has recently passed away.