Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cool response to our recent Bob Dylan post.

Per Gynt has left a new comment on your post "Bob "Electrified" Dylan booed off stage 43 yrs ago...": I'm not too good with dates especially blind dates, but I clearly remember the night Dylan sang with electricity at Forest Hills in New York. He was at Newport the previous month - August 65 maybe?. I was there too but don't remember seeing him. Anyway we were used to seeing the Kingston Trio and Joan Baez at Forest Hills, ("The Westside Tennis Club" to the cogniscenti). The first half was fine, acoustic, sing along "The times they r' a changin." (Hear voice of Robbie R): "So after the intermission, Bob comes on stage with the Band; we plug in and rip into Maggie's Farm or something like that and...."To me, a white boy with a crew cut, a five-string banjo and a girlfriend going to Stanford, this was anarchy. They started booing before the music began. The guitars were amped up so much Dylan & the Band seemed to be nuking the audience, and the peasants were throwing - what were they throwing? Cups, trash, some kind on missiles made from 60's junk food. Throwing stuff wasn't enough for the zealots; they started charging the stage. Now imagine (voice of RR again) these kids racing across GRASS TENNIS COURTS, which is what the surface of the stadium was, kicking up divets, diving into the band or The Band and tackling anybody they could find (John Simon, where were you?). It was wild, it was pre-Nam. The Band and Dylan unplugged and ran, leaving miscellaneous pieces of auctionable instruments behind. Now everyone was screaming, angry that the music was electric or angry that the music had stopped - probably both. 12,000 of the anointed screaming, and cops running around tackling the tacklers. The stadium was quickly a mess. Chairs overturned, junk like at the end of a 15 inning baseball game, cops milling around with black billy clubs and Dragnet-style caps, and the 12,000 shouting at each other. "What? That's it? They quit? Those lousy"For us tickets cost a lot of money. "We wuz robbed", Brooklyn Dodger fans used to whine, but tonight in Queens we really were robbed. People wandered around and wandered away, angry and frustrated. This wasn't like a Kingston Trio concert, this was scary. I didn't know what this meant - it wasn't planned, it was wild. It wasn't entertainment, it was a confrontation. I wanted to forget it all, find my Dad's car and get home quickly.As much as I was trying to forget then, I try to remember now. Ironic, isn't it?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Great Rick Danko blog posts by his frmr publicist Carol Caffin.

Checkout Rick Danko's frmr publicist's (Carol Caffin) Sip the Wine blog (along w/ her website) about Rick. Sip the Wine is an amazing Rick Danko solo tune & Carol provides an inside look into the man, not just the rock 'n roll myth.

Barry Feinstein book signing for new Bob Dylan book.

Famed Bob Dylan photographer & Woodstock, NY resident Barry Feinstein will be signing his new book Real Moments: Bob Dylan 5pm, August 9th, Saturday @ The Golden Notebook @ 29 Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY. Signed copies can be ordered if you cannot make it in person.

Bob "Electrified" Dylan booed off stage 43 yrs ago.

It was 43 yrs ago (1965) Dylan opened a brief three-song electric set w/ "Maggie", left the stage amidst boos & then returned to perform two signature folk songs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Contribute to the Levon Helm documentary.

Helmland is looking for any photos & videos you may have involving Levon Helm, especially from the heyday of Woodstock. Also, a name has not been chosen & input is needed. One recommendation made on The Band Guestbook is Life is a Carnival - very fitting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ronnie Hawkins & The Revols to perform Aug 4th.

The Hawk & the current members of Richard Manuel's old band The Revols will be performing in Richard's hometown of Stratford, Canada Aug 4th.

New Ollabelle dates announced.

From the Ollabelle newsletter:

Ollabelle play 4 free lunchtime shows this week in NYC starting tomorrow, Tuesday July 22nd.
Tomorrow we welcome back guitarist extraordinaire Jimi Zhivago to play the first record with us from beginning to end! We hope Liz Tormes might join us to sing Two Steps too..
Here are the themes for this week's shows;
July 22: (Tuesday) Grace Plaza corner of 43d and 6th avenue. Ollabelle plays first record with special guest Jimi Zhivago.
July 23: Newport Tower, Jersey City
Ollabelle plays a regular set out in Jersey! Maybe another special guest,,, we'll let you know.
July 24 WFC Plaza (World Financial Center) Ollabelle plays an acoustic set.
July 25, 12:30 pm One New York Plaza (at Water & Whitehall Sts.) Ollabelle plays a country set
Then July 26th is a special tribute to Johnny Cash at 8pm at the World Financial Center. The show features many great musicians and singers such as John Doe, Cat Russel, Laura Cantrell and Dave Bromberg, to name a few.
Hope to see you out and about the big, bad, hot city.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vote for your favorite The Band album @ the top of our links section.

At the top of our blog's links section is a survey that will run for the next couple of weeks. Vote for your favorite The Band album or albums & the results will be recorded.

New facebook link.

Here is a link to our Plochmann Lane facebook page:

There are a variety of groups that we are linked to on facebook that are different & exciting than we have linked on this blog. Check it out!

R.I.P. Artie Traum.

Artie passed away in Woodstock, NY yesterday (1943-2008) per Levon Helm's site. Here is the link to Artie's memorial site:

Just purchased Midnight Ramble tix.

Psyched to have just purchased tix for Levon Helm's Aug 22nd Midnight Ramble w/ the opening act of Billy Bob Thornton & the Boxmasters. This will be our 2nd Ramble & it is such an amazing time.