Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bearsville Studios.

Unfortunately, Albert Grossman's Bearsville Studios is no more & has become a private residence. It is located near the top of Rick's Road in Woodstock, NY, the same road Robbie & Dominique resided around the Basement Tapes era. Levon Helm record a wonderful album @ Bearsville Studios w/ Muddy Waters in '75. During last night's Midnight Ramble, Howard Johnson joined the horn section & he too, performed on this same album.

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David said...

Hi! You have a great site. However, I think you are mistaken about Bearsville Studios. It is NOT on the road you describe (Rick's Road). That is/was Sally Grossman's residence; Bearsville Studios is nearby on a parallel road, closer to Bearsville. It was vacant for a while and I do not know what is happening to it currently. I do know that it could not be used for a studio because of some weird regulations. Nonetheless, it is a massive structure.....and not to be confused with the house on Rick's Road.