Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy b'day to the late Robert "Bumps" Blackwell.

Bumps would have turned 87 today. He passed away in '85. He worked w/ many great artists, such as Ray Charles & Little Richard.

Bob Leafe...photog for various rock music genres.

In a previous post on this blog, we incorrectly spelled Bob Leafe's name. We were introduced to Bob while researching Richard Manuel (The Band) online & found that Bob may have shot one of the last pics of the great musician while preparing for a taping of the television show Deja View in '86. Bob's work is carefully (& intelligently) copyrighted online, so we unfortunately cannot include the pic of Richard here. Check out Bob's work:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy b'day Hilton Valentine!

The Animals guitarist turns 66 today.

Rick Danko has a fan club on

Rick Danko's frmr publicist Carol Caffin recently posted on her Sip the Wine blog, a tribute to her old friend, a link to the Rick Danko fan club that exists on Pretty cool.

The "Levon Helm Band" & many other great artists to perform @ the "Gathering of the Vibes" festival.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glenn Patscha performs cool old George Jones tune live w/ Larry Campbell.

Ollabelle's Glenn Patscha joins Larry Campbell & others to perform cool rendition of George Jones' What I Am Worth:

Chris Bergson channels beautiful Bessie Smith while performing live on NYC radio station WFDU.

Chris sings You've Been a Good 'Ol' Wagon earlier this year:

Chris Bergson Band performing "Paint My Masterpiece" live in the Netherlands. clip from Bill Scheele's "Lookout Cleveland" Bob Dylan & The Band photo & memorabilia exhibit.

The song "Little Birds"...then & now.

The Band performed Little Birds @ its inaugural live gigs @ Winterland '69 & Levon Helm recorded the same beautiful tune on his '07 Dirt Farmer studio album (track #4). It is interesting to witness the two tunes almost 40-yrs apart. Here is a link to the recording from one of the Winterland '69 gigs:

Happy b'day Joe Cocker!

Joe Cocker turns 65 today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Levon Helm's "Electric Dirt" promotional video.

New Levon Helm "Midnight Ramble" dates announced.

June 27th Guest, The Chris O'Leary Band
Our Annual 4th of July Ramble - BBQ Guest, Jimmy Vivino and His Band
July 11th, Guest Band, Arlen Roth
July 18th, Guest Band, John Simon
August 1st, Guest, Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck
August 8th, Guest Band, Rowan Brothers
August 22nd, Guest band, Robbie Dupree

The Cold Goodnight's "Myspace" updates.

New album comin' out soon, etc., etc., etc. Check 'em out!

Happy b'day to the late Mickey Newbury!

The Embers member, who influenced so many great artists of varying music genres, would have turned 69 today. He passed away in '02.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Pete Seeger "facebook" page.

"The Band" live tracks from an early '74 Fort Worth, TX "Tarrant Convention Ctr" gig.

The Band live early '74 @ Fort Worth, Tx's Tarrant Convention Ctr from The Crackers Myspace site.

Happy b'day Glenn Hardin!

The Crickets member turns 70 today.

Happy b'day to the late Big Joe Turner!

The blues singer from Kansas City would have turned 98 today. He passed away in '85. Big Joe influenced many great musicians, including Taj Mahal who recorded Big Joe's hit Corrine, Corrina, also more recently performed live by the very talented band Ollabelle w/ drummer / vocalist Tony Leone on lead. Big Joe was elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in '87.
Roll 'em boy,
Gonna jump for joy,
Yeah man,
happy as a baby boy,
My baby just brought me a brand new choo-choo toy.

Levon Helm's May 16th "Midnight Ramble" set list.

Thanks to former reunited The Band road manager & super The Band/Levon Helm enthusiast Butch Dener, for providing his always very cool Ramble review (pic of Butch w/ Levon):

Drivin’ Wheel
Battle Is Over
Simple Twist of Fate - Brian Mitchell
Bye Bye My Love - Amy
Drown In My Own Tears Levon - STELLAR VOCAL
Long Black Veil - Teresa ( Jim Weider - killer )
Got Me A Woman
That’s Alright
Did You Love Me At All - Teresa & Larry
Deep Elum Blues
John Prine - approx
(John Prine)- Aimless Love
(John Prine)- Spanish Pipedream
(John Prine)- Paradise (Muehlenberg County)
(John Prine)- That's the Way the World Goes Round
Anna Lee - WHEW !!!!!Rag Mama Rag - ( Tony Leone's drums & Howard Johnson's Tuba - )Mardi Gras Day - More BRIAN MITCHELL & HORNS (the horn section parades around the whole room,)Everybody Loves A Winner - AMY AMY AMY !!!!
Tennessee Jed (Electric Dirt) ( Levon does The Dead )
Heavens Pearls (Electric Dirt)
Kingfish (Electric Dirt)
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Electric Dirt)
The Shape I'm In ( Brian & Levon - vocals )
Chest Fever ( LARRY - LARRY - LARRY !!!! )
The Weight
( the HIPMOTISM set was so good it should be a live cd !! Erik, Steve, Marya, Rene & Allison with Howard sitting in & Charlie from M.T.O. band on violin WOWOW )