Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Butch Dener review of the recent Levon Helm "Midnight Ramble."

Thanks always to the enthusiastic fan & friend of Levon Helm, Butch Dener, for another fun review of the past Midnight Ramble held in Woodstock, NY:

Jimmy Vivino's TRIUMPHANT return to the Ramble started with his opening set.Jimmy on piano with Lincoln Schleiffer on doghouse bass did SLEEPING ! Richard was smiling,,a Bluesy Can't be sattified followed, then, THEN,, Jimmy , on the piano still, did COUNTRY BOY ! with Brian on Hammond B-3 . WOW !!!!!!an amazing FACTORY GIRL with the Tangerine Strings from the Fab Faux & Rich Pagano on brushes & snare, brought the house to complete reverent silence by it's beauteous perfection,, Vivino is a fuggin musical genius !!!Rich Pagano a killer singing drummer did an homage to the master of the Barn when he did a killah SMOKE SIGNAL,,, then,, with Brian's Hammond Jimmy & Pagano & Rich Conti did WHY DOES LOVE HAVE TO BE SO SAD !!! Derek & The Dominoes had very little on these cats !!!! AMAZING RENDITION of that rocking song.Then , more Band -tribute with WE CAN TALK,,, breathtakingly perfect.Again,, THE MOON STRUCK ONE ,,, killed us softly,,,Rich Pagano & V did an amazing HARD RAIN gonna fall,,, & they finished up with Weider & Jimmy on POWDERFINGER ( Neil Young's ) power guitars, baby, lemme tell ya,,,they rest of the Ramble, with Hubert coming out & doing 300 lbs & Killing Floor & others was awesome, too,, Brian Mitchell is so Garthlike but with grease,,, man, amazing night,,, especially since a friend had baked these "chocolate chip cookies" that had us soooo "colorful",,, wheeee, watta ride,, BUT,Jimmy Vivno's opening set rings in our ears still,,off to a Community Center dedication with the walls still waving,,,wish you were with us, kids,,, one of those " Woodstock Summer Nights ",,, almost like Levon, Rick & Butter @ the Lake in the 80's


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