Friday, April 10, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton's unfortunate interview.

It’s unfortunate that many listeners of Jian Ghomeshi's Canadian radio show will have a poor impression of Billy Bob Thornton. We met he & the rest of The Boxmasters @ Levon Helm’s late Aug ‘08 Midnight Ramble & they we all great, including Billy Bob. He even made his way around his security team to shake our hands & say hi when we called for him as he was walking off the stage. Someone must have gotten under his skin prior to the interview.

Here's a link to the video of that interview from our friend Matt's great Addicted to Vinyl blog:


matt said...

I've always loved Billy Bob's work. As far as this interview, I thought the non-music related answers to musical questions were fantastic, and there was always a little hint of a smile creeping through.

I'm going to assume that this probably isn't the first time that his band has been in an interview situation like this. I'm sure it happens quite a bit, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bob should be ashamed of himself after his disgraceful interview with CBC. He behaved like a buffoon and embarassed his bandmates, as evidenced by their tight-lipped expressions as he ranted. Boxmasters, his "big" name might have once been an asset, but his big ego is a liability, and I'll never see a movie of his or buy his music after witnessing that fiasco. He owes the interviewer and all of you an apology. That was over the top bad manners. You need to ditch him. He's not worth the drag he puts on you. said...

I guess we all have bad days huh?