Saturday, April 11, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters pull off from Willie Nelson live Canadian dates.

The Canadians are not warming up to Billy Bob's radio interview from earlier in the week & he & The Boxmasters have briefly left the tour w/ Willie Nelson for the remaining Canadian dates. They will rejoin the tour soon when it hits CT.


Anonymous said...

Billy Bob is a knob.

He insulted my intelligence, my sensibilities, and my country (mashed potatoes with no gravy)!

I am seeing the Willie Nelson concert in London Ontario tonight. I would pay for Willie. I would never go to see Billy Bob and his group if he was relying on his musical talent alone. I went to his website to give him the benefit of the doubt and what I heard of his singing was musically inferior and Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five (an old 60’s group) was a better drummer and Dave Clark sucked.

nomad said...

Billy Bob, do you really think you're too cool for school? i think not