Friday, August 22, 2008

Rick Danko's grave in Woodstock, NY.

The Band's bassist Rick Danko was laid to rest following a heart attack in Dec. '99. His grave sets next to his son (Eli) towards the rear-center of the Woodstock Cemetary on Rock City Road. Here are two photos of Rick's grave stone, as well as, two photos depicting the general location of his grave site. Basically, as you enter the cemetary's gates, you can walk straight towards the rear of the cemetary & after you cross the final perpendicular cemetary blustone driveway, his flat ground level stone is about 2-3 rows back still in the center. Some of the traditional paraphenalia (i.e - self-titled framed album CD cover) is gone besides a few small stones.


K said...

Honoring a wonderful human is honoring life itself. Rick is loved.Rick still lives in thousands of us. See you someday and forever. FAN

Anonymous said...

His music still makes me smile