Friday, August 22, 2008

"The House of Todd" & "Utopia" - Todd Rundgren.

Here are photos related to Todd Rundgren - musician & producer. He was an Albert Grossman disciple, engineered The Band's Stage Fright album, produced his own music & had his own "Utopia" video studio that now houses Woodstock Radio on Albert's frmr Bearsville commercial property (next to Bearsville Theater).
Thanks to Bob Andrews of Michigan, he provided us w/ directions to Todd's frmr Mink Hollow Road residence located just outside of Bearsville. Mink Hollow is a deadend road w/ a trail that starts @ the end of it. Todd's gray modern frmr home is on the left before the trail head's parking lot. Unfortunately, the property is not conducive to good photo opportunities as it is quite gaited. Given the location of the home (near a trail head), it's not overly surprising his house was robbed in the early '80s (it's not exactly secluded).


Bob said...

thanks Mike! Bob

Anonymous said...

So is it north of Skye drive?

Anonymous said...

So I went down Mink Hollow road and there is a 1.5 story small building with a triangle window on the second floor. Is that the old studio?

There is a more modern house on the hill above that is now painted a rust/brown color. Is that the house?

Plochmann said...

Follow Mink Hollow all the way up to the trailhead parking lot. As you approach the parking lot, there is a modern style home behind a fairly tall fence. I believe the house is still white or quite light in color.