Thursday, April 24, 2008

Van Morrison live performance in Sweden.

Van is performing tomorrow night in a town we have visited (we have Swedish relatives nearby) in Sweden. Malmo is a beautiful old city.

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Gary said...

Hiya Plochmanns,

I've heard of Malmo. I think they did the Winter Olympics there once.

I just wanted to tell you about my wife, Mandyleigh Storm. She recently released her debut album, which was produced by Mick Glossop (Van Morrison, Frank Zappa etc), with Johnny Scott (who I`m sure you'd know as Van's guitarist/MD), Liam Genockey (Steeleye Span), Tim Harries (Steeleye Span), and James Lascelles (Frank Zappa).

The album (Fire & Snow) was recorded live in Dean St Studios, London, over 3 days.

Free mp3's are available from . Feel free to tell everyone about those free mp3's.

We don't have a promotion budget, so are just trying to get the word-of-mouth going.

If you are interested in doing a review of the album, I could send you a link to the press section on her website ( ). Just email me at gary.storm(at)gmail(dot)com