Friday, April 25, 2008

Rick & Eli Danko gravestones.

It was a very special moment for us as we stood over the gravestones of Rick (left) & Eli (right) Danko setting next to each other. This photo was taken March 28th, the day we attended Levon's Ramble. Rick passed away due to a heart attack Dec. '99. Eli passed away in '89 from asphyxiation.

A 38 yr-old woman employed by Candlestock, a beautiful candle, etc. store about 1/2 mile from Woodstock Cemetary, told us about attending school w/ Eli & Richard Manuel's daughter (?) & how nice both families were to her. You could see the heartache in her expression as she told us about the unfortunate passing of Eli.

We went to Candlestock after we grabbed coffee @ Jim Weider's wife's bakery Maria's Bizarre. Very cute place. Jim was the lead guitarist for the reunited Band in the '90s.


Jeff C. said...

Keep those candles lit!

Anonymous said...

The memory of "Richard Manuels daughter" may have been Eli's sister Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Richard does have a daughter Paula - so what the woman said is probably true.