Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grave of The Band bassist Rick Danko

While on our wkd trip in Woodstock, NY, we visited the grave of The Band bassist Rick Danko. Unfortunately, we never experienced Rick Danko in person, but fortunately there are numerous wonderful available account by those who did. His publicist, Carol Caffin, along with The Band website( hosted by Norwegian Jan Hoiberg, is the best avenue to get an understanding for an amazing musician & man.

Here is the entrance to Woodstock Cemetary off from Rock City Rd & Rick's grave stone that replaced a small sign about one yr ago per Carol. Rick's grave is next to his son's (Eli), who passed away in 1989. The stones are difficult to locate. Fairly easy description to locate the stone is to head up Rock City RD @ the center of Woodstock; Woodstock Music is on the right & Woodstock Cemetary is on the same side w/in eyesight; after you enter the cemetary (by vehicle or on foot) through the stone pillars the road splits into two; it doesn't matter which side you take; if you take the left side, go to its end & bear right; follow the road deep into the cemetary & bear right after the above ground grave vaults on the right; go about halfway down the road & on the left are three fairly distinct vertical grave stones w/ the names Cook, Ruggles & Wilson (in that order each on a separate stone); behind Ruggles is Ricky's grade level stone & his son's (Eli) is behind the Wilson stone. Ricky's & Eli's are similar style stones.

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