Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Byrdcliffe - Bob Dylan's residence.

Byrdcliffe artist colony sign @ one of the two Glasco Turnpike & Upper Byrdcliffe RD intersections. The colony offers beautiful views of mountains, forest, birds & deer. Residents appear very friendly, often waving while driving by us as we walked the lovely roads.

Sign for Upper Byrdcliffe Way (off from Upper Byrdcliffe RD) in front of Byrdcliffe Theater that leads to Bob Dylan's former Camelot RD residence.

Byrdcliffe Theater, located near the peak of Upper Byrdcliffe RD & @ the base of Upper Byrdcliffe Way, which leads to Bob Dylan's Camelot RD residence. Upper Byrdcliffe Way is the dirt road shown in front of the theater. Dylan's Byrdcliffe residence was where he & The Band (minus Levon Helm) began recording the Basement Tapes. It was somewhere between his house & Grossman's 1960's Rick's RD residence that Dylan crashed his motorcycle on Striebel RD.

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