Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy b'day to Randy "Rando" Ciarlante... may you stay forever young.

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Don Butchini said...

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Subject oh yeah

One more thang,,

the amount of musical knowledge Randy imparted to me is immeasurable,

from Harp Attack in W.Helena, to That phat Meters groove, in N.O.
his study of complex Latin rhythms went so deep he studeied Santeria religion to underatnd their grooves,,

His knowledge & incredible Calabrezze work ethic,,, learned on the back of a blacktop truck @ 12 yrs old,, is 90% of what Randy brings to the table,, that World Class drumming & singing is gravy, folks,



Subject Rando

I've been fortunate to be friends with Randy Ciarlante since the 70's i guess,,
I was hipmotized by a great doghouse Bass pl;ayer, Billy Troiani, ( now in Norway, btw ) lots of blues in the bars in New Paltz in those days & Randy played the best drums around, along with Dennis " Rainbow Man" Minnervini, I gravitated to Randy's style early & often, it was Randy, who that fateful night @ the Lone Star -downtown, brought me on the Bus to meet the boss, & so it went,,

NO ONE better in the trenches, when the road got rough, or weird, knowin that Randy "guarded mah gunside" as Levon always said,, got me through some bumps in that road,,,

His music sense is impeccible he doesnt suffer bad music, he is generous, musically , to a fault,, modest, a real working man,, but so much more in folks like me's eyes,,
even tho we always had drum techs of the 1st order, Randy did his own work & fine tuning,, always told Pauly - go help the boss,, I got it covered, bro,
always BRO,
His harmony work , with Rick, was a joy,, listen to that gift of Forever Young,, amazing men-like but sweet harmonies,,, on the note,,,
what a gift those years were,, for me and for us,,,

I, for one, never took one second of it for granted,, I knew how blessed i was to be in that chair, & tried to share it with whomever i could,, the better -behaved ones, anyway,,
Happy Birthday Rando

This is for all those Birthdays of yours we had on the road & you swore me to silence,, tell no one you threatened,,

I reminded told the boss tho,,

Forever Young, Bro, Forever,,