Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The owners of Big Pink remember Levon Helm.

We rec'd this statement & photograph from Big Pink's owners last night:

Dear Levon,

In one uniqueness among all your fans, Sue and I as owners of Big Pink for the last decade, have had the privilege to meet such sweet fans, who have braved the bad road and our sometime grumpy neighbor's unwelcoming signs to come out on Ramble weekends and beyond to gaze upon the house, though faded, still Pink in the West Saugerties sun. Telling us the latest, who was playing with y...ou at the Ramble, who we just missed last night. Far away places they came from to hear you and get close to a touch-stone of some kind of living tradition beyond description.

Like so many of your fans world wide, we never did meet you directly, but somehow have anyway - through your voice that cuts through the falseness and pretentions of all the raggedy times we lived and still live through, to touch bright places in our hearts we never knew existed. Could anyone who lived through those years, who loved American rock-n-roll deny you as monumental in our lives, we who were so privileged to share your back-beats live. Be it on stage with you, out in the back seats, or the back woods, for real. And to all those to come, who will find life more blessed through having heard the true in your voice, through the magic of recordings, hoisting the best of the human spirit forward for all who can see to behold. We’re all gonna miss you but will always hear you voice and your heart-beat through the land and the whispering of the north-wind in the pines out back.

Love always,

Don & Sue LaSala

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