Friday, March 4, 2011

Twenty-five years later, Richard Manuel (The Band) is still sorely missed, but wonderfully remembered...

From Jan Hoiberg's The Band website:

April 3, 1943 - March 4, 1986. Too soon gone.

"Isn't everybody dreaming?--then the voice I hear is real.
Out of all the idle scheming, can't we have something to feel?"
--"In a Station", Richard Manuel

"Richard was a sweet, sweet guy... Always pushed the envelope beyond where it would go. Drove one hundred fifty miles an hour in his driveway; faster on the road."
--John Simon

It would have been absolutely amazing to have met him, but his legacy lives on.

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bd said...

Met Richard a few times, @ The Getaway & around town,,
Sweet guy ( troubled, maybe, but,,,)
Saw his solo gigs there too, AMAZING !!!!
Saw him w/The Band many, many times,, always THE VOICE !!!

Miss him always,,