Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy b'day to the late Robert "Bumps" Blackwell.

Bumps would have turned 87 today. He passed away in '85. He worked w/ many great artists, such as Ray Charles & Little Richard.

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Anonymous said...

My compliments for acknowledging Bumps Blackwell's May 23rd birthday. Your blog came as a surprise, because I knew Mr. Blackwell and his mother. I met them when they resided near Baldwin Hills area, here in Los Angeles. I was also surprised to find that Bumps and Chuck Plotkins (who I also know)had both worked on a Bob Dylan album. I think that it speaks volumes that you celebrate Bump's birthday. Now I don't know the particulars of why Bob Dylan and early Tom Wilson stopped working together, but I was elated when Tom Wilson recorded an album project at our studio. Mainly because I was such a Dylan follower. I was such a fan that I can remember the time when I would start off each day, listening to Dylan's, " down the streets the dogs are barking and the day is getting" (now I don't remember the rest). So back in the day, I was a true Bob Dylan fan, and I couldn't wait to quize Tom Wilson about those sessions with Bob. Prior to his passing, he shared with us many stories of those memorable and exciting times. Now when I think of Bumps and Tom, I realize how personable they both were. So in light of the fact that since they both were a part of some of the most important music in our country, maybe you might consider acknowledge old Tom's birthday as well.