Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hubert Sumlin's b'day bash @ NYC's "B. B. King's."

Thanks to Butch Dener (& his wife Barrie) for the set list & cool pics. The set list review in Butch's words:

Tipitina's - just Weider, Tony Garnier, George Recelle & BRIAN MITCHELL on vocals KILLAH !

then David Jo Handsome came out with Hubert & it was off to the races,,,

Shake for Me

Built for Comfort - WOWOWOW ! Weider & Hubert scorching,,

Spoonful - amazing vocals, drums, drums, drums,, Weider & Hubert

Hidden Charms

Little Red Rooster w/ David Jo prowlin & howlin - his harp was soooo soulful,EVIL !!!!! WEIDER & Hubert with Tony bassing the hell out of it !

David Jo was a'wailin'Who's that Talking

I AIn't Superstitious - KILLER !!!! AMAZING !!!


Three Hundred Pounds - stopped traffic !!!!

Tail Dragger

Sittin on top of the World - Hubert's vocal - awesome -

Crawling King Snake

GOing Down Slow


FloorBackdoor Manjust amazing !!!


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