Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Sammy Davis joins Levon Helm & his band.

Thanks goes out to Butch Dener for his review of this past wkd's Midnight Ramble, featuring a return by the little big man Little Sammy Davis following a late '08 stroke. Great to hear he's back in the saddle.

Man,,, Little Sammy Davis returned to The Ramble last night with a vengence.Fred Scribner, his long time friend & partner in the Blues, brought THE MAN up to the Barn & they did 25 minutes before Arlen Roth scorched the place.Sammy's recent stroke was evident but he still wailed on his harp & vocals. noticibly softer & slower, Sammy proved that LESS IS MORE !!!!his soft harp proved very effective in his phrasing & intonation,,, it really worked with his style of the Blues. Fred is a master on his acoustic blues style & knows Little Sammy so well he cushioned him ,, supported him & let him shine where & when he could !! a Triumphant return of the Man & he showed what Levon & I learned the hard way,,,, MUSIC IS THE HEALER !!!!& the BLUES heals the best !!!Welcome Home Little Sammy - ( KUDOS to Fred Scribner for bringing Sammy & helping his rehab with music ! )Oh Yeah,, the rest of the evening was exceptional with Jimmy Weider's duel with Larry on Chest Fever - SCORCHINGLY HOT !!!Larry's duels with the horns of Howard Johnson, Erik Lawrence & Clark Gayton on Deep Elum with Weider along for the killer ride was memorable,,as well as Weegie & Erik on Teresa & Amy's poignant It Makes No Difference - WOWOWOWOWEEEEEE !!!!Amy's " Everybody Loves A Winner " is fast becoming classic !Long Black Veil, too by Teresa with that amazing band behind her,, supporting her delicately strong lyrics,- amazing !!!ATTICS OF MY LIFE !!!! just Teresa, Amy & Larry - Levon & everyone else stepping off & just floating with those HARMONIES !!! WOW im telling ya,, words cant do this version justice,,,, AMAZING !!!off to JFK airport with two Italian musicians that want to go back home.nasty traffic with the MUTTS in town, today @ CitiField - OY !!!


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Anonymous said...

Little Sammy is a class act. Great musician & incredible person.