Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butch Dener's (frmr "The Band" road mgr) take on last wkd's Levon Helm "Midnight Ramble" set list w/ guest musician Jackie Green.

Here is the ever-so-enthusiastic Butch Dener & his take on last wkd's Levon Helm Midnight Ramble (alway a heck of a lot more interesting than just reading a set list):
Just a word about last week's Ramble,
Levon & his band just keep getting better & better, as if that was possible,, they are at an all time high level of musicianship.AMAZING !!,,,& with Jimmy Weider in the mix,, Larry is pushed to even greater heights,,
Last week, Jimmy, Larry & Jackie G. all playing together on tunes like Chest Fever,, wowowowoweeeee,,,
Amy's All La Glory was soooo poignant & i caught her husband, Jay, watching her from the "wings" with such love & pride in his face, SWEET !!!
Drown in My Own Tears was a high point in Levon's singing,, so strong,, so emotional - the crowd erupted in applause throughout when he would hit those hard to reach notes,, amazing, esp since i remember hanging with him @ the lake behind his house & me & Vivino could barely hear his raspy whisper of a voice. G-d's Blessings,,, am i right ?So much more,, but,, ya'll are tired of my rantings & ravings about Rambles,, B
UT,a Moment in AWE of THOSE HORNS !!!! the best in the world, kids,,
off to work on my Fire Department Support Rally,,
Thanks so much, Butch! We are never tired of your rantings & ravings!

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