Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dr. Ralph Stanley...a very influencial musical artist.

Two of our musical heros, Levon Helm & Bob Dylan, have strong musical ties w/ the amazing Dr. Ralph Stanley. Helm tapped into the Stanley magic on his Grammy-winning '07 Dirt Farmer album. Here is a bit about Helm's tie to Stanley from his website:

What's rare about Levon is that he can shift seamlessly between genres in American roots music, which is what The Band did," Campbell said. "They took all those genres, threw them in a pot and came out with a unique sound in which you can hear those elements in everything they do. Levon is now doing music that is at the roots of what the Band was. At a Ramble, you're not going to hear a blues concert, or a country concert or a rock show -- you're going to hear all those things and nothing will seem out of place. And the root of all of that is blues. Even when we do a Ralph Stanley tune or a Cajun tune, you still feel a blues base to it. We don't do a Ralph Stanley tune bluegrass style. It still has this other sexy thing underneath."

Dylan & Stanley teamed up on the tune The Lonesome River. Some tunes Stanley performs that Dylan & Helm also tied to include:
Somebody Touched Me
Up on Cripple Creek
Little Birds
Man of Constant Sorrow
Banks of the Ohio

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