Monday, May 11, 2009

David Zuck's "Rick Danko" abstract art.

David Zuck, webmaster for Garth & Maud Hudson & an artist in his own right, posted these very cool Rick Danko abstract art paintings on Carol Caffin's Rick Danko facebook page. Here is David's description of the painting's production for the guitar-playing Rick painting:

Abstract oil of Rick that I made from a photo of a frame from his instructional Homespun Video on bass playing... I was gonna make the face more realistic... but my critique panel at the art studio where I sometimes check-in said "No no noooo!"... so there you go... Fast and furious in my blue style... where I first paint the canvas blue... then get lost looking at it a while... before trying to sculpt something out of the whirling blue...

And for the other Rick painting:

I made this oil painting for my friend Diane, an unrepentent Danko fan hehehe... Note the mischevious devilish hair horns... Source photo is a favorite photo of probably many a fan including, me thinks me remembers, Carol Caffin... who is the reason for me sending this here... Love what she is doing for Rick!... Thanks and love to you, Carol!...

Check out Carol's Rick Danko facebook page for more art & pics of the amazing The Band vocalist & bassist & solo artist:

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