Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Visions of Dylan" blog provides well-rounded reviews on new Bob Dylan book about his songwriting.

So many authors describe can claim to be Dylanologists. It is all too often that writers read way too deep into Bob Dylan's songwriting (it goes for many other artists as well). It appears the well respected Dylanologist author Clinton Heylin may be on that same traditionally exhaustive path.
We feel that although Dylan was an amazing songwriter, he should not be over analyzed. As Dylan author Bob Spitz wrote in his book Dylan, Dylan often wrote about his love affairs & signs of the times on crude items such as napkins &/or whipped out the tunes in the studio during recording. He frequently struggled w/ completing his tunes & changes the lyrics & endings when he revisits them live.
Our friend May Wogan of Ireland operates a wonderful blog called Visions of Dylan & she recently posted about this new Heylin book called Revolution in the Air, The Songs of Bob Dylan 1957-1973. Mary provides her readers four separate book reviews:

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