Monday, February 16, 2009

Randy Tuten...a true music-related promotional artist.

We recently received a wonderful email response from the artistic legen Randy Tuten. Randy produced The Band's first concert (as The Band) Winterland poster & handbill. Randy has also designed numerous other artists' promotional products. Randy is a true fan of various music genres. Check out his website & is email response to us:
Hello Mike & Kim,
Thank you for liking my designs and stuff, and yes The Band are among my favorites also, when Led Zep or rock and rollers would play you would expect them to be heavy. Then The Band would play and these guys would come out of the woodwork and be very, very good. I miss them all I especially like Rick Danko playing and singing but Levon, Richard, Garth & Robbie. Great stuff. A musical highlight. but I also like them with Ronnie Hawkins so when they show up with Bob on Big Pink I was thrilled. I like the 50's, 60's & 70's music better it was more about the music. I still work in the music business but it's different now it's about the show. Were I am it'll always be about the music. They are some people out there check out Jackie Greene a young guy 27 but it's back to the music. Bill Graham told me once in the future there will be more music but it will be disproportional there won't be as many good groups or individuals as bad. Anyway you folk's stay happy and heatlthy and once again thanks for liking what I do. take care, randy...

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