Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Levon Helm Band on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien last night.

Here is the link to Conan O'Brien's website w/ Levon & his band performing The Train Robbery & The Weight. The link should bring you directly to last night's episode. If not, click on the tab "Episode," choose Feb. 10th & then pick "Chapter 5" for The Train Robbery & "Chapter 6" for The Weight. You may have to watch one fairly brief commercial.

During The Train Robbery, Levon is joined by his daughter (Amy) to his immediate left, her husband (Jay) the younger dark haired sax player (back row), Jimmy Vivino on guitar (also next to Levon), Larry Campbell on guitar (next to Amy), Larry's wife Theresa (left of Larry), Brian Mitchell on piano, Mike Merritt on stand up bass, Howard Johnson on tuba, Erik Lawrence on sax, Clark Gayton on trombone, Tony Leone (Ollabelle & Chris Bergson Band musician) & Levon's recording engineer Justin Guip.'Brien/video/episodes/?vid=1009441#vid=1009441

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fredwich said...

Danged -- link gone. But my son told me about it and he said he loved it.