Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Contribute to the Levon Helm documentary.

Helmland is looking for any photos & videos you may have involving Levon Helm, especially from the heyday of Woodstock. Also, a name has not been chosen & input is needed. One recommendation made on The Band Guestbook is Life is a Carnival - very fitting.


bob said...

I was in New Orleans a few years back and happened upon Levon Helm at his Great American Cafe. Amy was there, I think Sammy was there to. I have scoured the internet and found nothing - I was just hoping to find someone with photos or info - I was also surprised to see no references to it anywhere on his photo wall downstairs at his home in Woodstock.

Does anyone have any information on that?

Anonymous said...

How about "From the Warwick to Plochmann Lane" 51 years and still singing....C G Graham

Anonymous said...

please clarify - is this a book - an article - blog post
I found nothing searching the internet

can you provide a link