Monday, September 22, 2008

Grateful Dead @ the Boston Garden in '93.

We wish this was our backstage pass. The only time we went to the Boston Garden was to catch the Dead on a rainy afternoon. Never once saw a Celtics or Bruins game (although have since the Fleet Ctr was built), but very fortunate to catch the Dead before Jerry Garcia's passing. A very cool experience.
Boston Garden, Boston, MA (Sunday, 9/26/93) set list:

Jack Straw


Walkin' Blues

High Time

Me and My Uncle ->Maggie's Farm

Lazy River Road

Easy Answers ->Don't Ease Me In

Aiko Aiko

Saint of Circumstance ->Ship of Fools ->Truckin' ->Drums ->Space ->I Need a Miracle ->Standing on the Moon


+ Bobby on acoustic guitar during Uncle -> Maggie's

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Inspiration, Move Me Brightly... said...

I loved my years seeing the Dead but I never got to see a show at the Boston Garden and that, well, it kinda makes me sad thinkin' about it. Finally in '95 I mailordered tickets for a couple Gahhden shows but... Jerry just didn't make it that long.

Very cool that you got to see a show there! You undoubtedly know you can listen to it online? Let me know if you'd like the soundboard, I'd be happy to hook you up.

Take Care!