Sunday, July 6, 2008

Steven Tyler & Joey Kramer in Sunapee, NH!

Special thanks to the two Aerosmith rockers as Steven participated in our small town July 4th parade & Joey spoke w/ us about our female Weimaraner. Very gratious celebs who are sought often by starstruck fans. Steven has been a longtime Sunapee resident & we always love it when he returns.


Martha said...

Steve Tyler made my day at the Sunapee 4th of July parade. He kissed me on the lips. There were cameras flashing everywhere and I was wondering if anyone snapped a picture of him kissing me. My friends and family do not believe me.

Anonymous said...

Welive in Springfield, Vermont and decided to head to Sunapee Harbor with some friends (friends from Claremont, NH). Someone else decided to join the I saw Steven Tyler walk about 12 inches away from me. I've listened to Areosmith when I was younger and enjoyed their music. It was kind of funny, really. He looked at me walking out of the ice cream shop and smiled and I did the same, but didn't go crazy like other fans. I just figured he probably would like to be treated like anyone else who was just trying to enjoy the sunshine of the day.

Being a nurse, I also have to say I hope his arm gets better fast.

Chris Simmons, Springfield, VT

honkey said...

I've been taking occasional drives up to Sunapee Harbor in hopes of meeting my lifelong idol,Steven Tyler. I'm a 49-yr. old man now so my reaction would be as me seeing an old school buddy. I live in Northampton,MA so it's quite a drive for me,I've had 3 back operations and rest of my health isn't great. I just hope to thank him personally before I leave this shindig.