Friday, July 18, 2008

Ollabelle show last night.

Caught a great Ollabelle free concert last night @ Manchester, NH's Veteran's Park hosted by Beautiful sunny & warm evening complimented by an amazing performance. Mike Morris of NH & TX opened w/ a very lively & interactive set.
Besides our sincere appreciation for Ollabelle's music, we have an increased appreciation for the band member's work ethic as they are very involved w/ the stage set-up, breakdown & merch sales. Poor Fiona McBain (wearing the dress) was desparately seeking change for merch seekers after the show.
We had the fortunate experience after the show to meet drummer & vocalist Tony Leone (also sits in on drums during Levon Helm's Midnight Rambles - saw him @ the March 29th Ramble), keyboardist & vocalist Glen Patscha (who told us he & his wife have a child on the way) & guitarist, bassist & vocalist Byron Isaacs. We unfortunately did not meet mandolin & vocalist Amy Helm (Levon's daughter) who left right after the show as she seemed a bit tired (probably from busy touring w/ Ollabelle & Levon, as well as being a new mother) even though her performance was spot on & bassist, guitarist & vocalist Fiona who was busy w/ merch sales. All of the band members are warm & welcoming.
In our photos, going from left to right: Glen, Amy, Fiona, Byron & Tony.
The band mixed up its set w/ both originals & covers. Many highlights, including a cool harmonic version of The Band's Ain't No More Cane. Ollabelle is reminiscent of The Band in that it contains multiple lead singers who play more than one instrument.
Definitely worth catching this very talented band!
Set list:
Veteran’s Park – Manchester, NH
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Opening: Mike Morris

Set List for Ollabelle:

1.) Gone Today
2.) John the Revelator (Traditional Folk Song – Blind Willie Johnson)
3.) Fall Back
4.) High on A Mountain – Tony did a great job on the vocals!!
5.) Ripple – Grateful Dead – Great rendition sung by Fiona
6.) You’re Gonna Miss Me (When Your Gone) – Not sure if this is the correct title
7.) Ain’t No More Cane (On the Brazos) – Very nice performance with great piano by Glen
8.) Brotherly Love – Not sure of the title, but it was written by Byron Isaacs
9.) Northern Star
10.) Elijah Rock
11.) Get Back Temptation
12.) Unsure of Title – A Taj Mahal Song sung by Tony
13.) Riverside
14.) Unsure of Title Chorus goes how long?


1.) Fare Thee Well (not one hundred percent sure)
Thank you to & its sponsors for putting on such a wonderful event w/ such amazing artists.

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Joe Magennis said...

I've become a HUGE Ollabelle fan ever since my Mother in Law gave me Riverside Battle Songs. Then I got to see most of them sit in with Levon at a Ramble (Elvis Costello Guest) ...

I was psyched to see them at Merlefest this year and can't wait to see them again.

Here's a set from Merlefest ( ... I sure wish the Americana Stage set was available .. that was even better!)

I'm keeping an eye on the Tour page to make sure I catch them when I can.