Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bob Dylan motorcycle anniversary.

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the "supposed" Bob Dylan 500cc Triumph motorcycle accident that "supposedly" occurred on Striebel Road in Woodstock, NY (near his mgr Albert Grossman's residence). Many celebrate & question the accident as it led to much controversy regarding if it even happened or was it just a stunt or ploy fabricated by the publicly enigmatic artist & his strategic mgr. Those of us who are fans of both Dylan & The Band applaud the accident's timing as it seemingly led to the amazing musical collaberation by the two parties.
Here are photos we took during our late March '08 Woodstock, NY trip. The Striebel Road sign was taken @ the intersection of Striebel & Glasco Turnpike (@the top of Striebel) - take a right onto Glasco & that leads up to Dylan's frmr Byrdcliffe residence. The other two photos are of Grossman's grave stone behind his Bearsville Theater (near the base of Striebel) & Big Pink, the 2nd recording location of the famous Dylan & Band Basement Tapes. The recordings began @ Dylan's frmr house.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Can you give a huge Dylan fan your directions to Big Pink? I am heading up there next week. How tough is it to find? Thanks.